Januar 2010
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Frohes neues Jahr

Da will doch jemand tatsächlich, dass ich ihm (besser gesagt ihr) einen alten tragbaren Holzofen schicke. Geliefert werden soll der Ofen nach Russland, kurz hinter Moskau, weil es die arme Spamerin doch so kalt in ihrer Hütte hat. Bevor ich ihr den Ofen schicke, soll ich mich aber noch mal melden, um die genau Adresse zu bekommen. Wer ist bitte so Blöd und schickt eine E-Mail an eine .ru-E-Mail Adresse?

Hier die Mail in Englisch, komischerweise war der Betreff aber in Deutsch


My name is Elena, I am 33 years old and I writing you from small Russian city. I work in town library and I can use computer after I finish work when possible. Our situation is very difficult and I send you this message in despair and hope.

I have little daughter, she is 8 years old, her father abandoned us and we live together with my mother.

As outcome of deep crisis lately my mother miss job (bakehouse where she was used to work has been bankruptcy) and our situation became frightful.

Gas and electricity price is very expensive in our town and we unable use it to heating our home anylonger.

Wintertime is coming and weather becom colder every day. We are disturbed and we havenot experience how to do.

Only possible way for us to heating our home is to use portable wood burning oven which giving heating from burning wood. We have sufficiency wood in our district and this oven will heatin our house entire winter with minimal price.

Unluckily we can not to purchase this oven in our market because it price 8144 rouble (equival. of 191 Euro) and we can not collect so big amount.

If you have any old portable wood burning oven and if you ended to use it, we will be very happy if you can gift it for us and organize transport this oven to our house (175 km from Moscow). This ovens usually difference and weight about 100kg.

Please let me know if you can help and I will write you our postal address

>From all my heart I wish you all the best in the NEW YEAR 2010! I wish that the New Year will bring you hapiness, health and all your dreams come true!

Elena with family.

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